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Defined Mug | Coffee

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  • Caption featured on mug is a witty take on an original definition of coffee
  • White gloss and black glaze finish
  • Made from durable stoneware
  • Fun, functional gifts for friends, family and coworkers
  • 590ml capacity

Life is what you define it! This 590ml Defined Coffee mug features an original definition that gives new meaning to everyday life. This high-quality, extra large and durable stoneware mug makes a perfect gift for friends, family and coworkers! Dishwasher and microwave safe. Caption reads: coffee   cof•fee [ kaw-fee, kof-ee ], n. 1: an aromatic beverage crafted from the infusion of roasted ground coffee beans 2: an addictive, legal stimulant known to cure procrastination; commonly used to manage Mondays  (see also: sanity in a cup, nectar of the gods, breakfast of champions, liquid intelligence).